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Liaisons (Ithaca)

Each Ithaca elementary school building and grade level is represented by a KDT! liaison. Please contact your building or grade level liaison if you need help with any KDT!  related issue/question. We want your input to improve Kids Discover the Trail! experiences. While our program is formally evaluated each year, we also encourage anecdotal feedback, so don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us!

Joe Volpe

Reading Teacher, Belle Sherman

Teacher Liaison to KDT!

Randi Beckmann
Special Advisor to the Teacher Liaison


Kelly Craft
Pre-K, South Hill


Kelly Lovejoy

Kindergarten, Cayuga Heights

Ryan Barker

First Grade, Beverly J. Martin

Alison Pritz
Reading Teacher, South Hill

Julie Wells
Second Grade, Caroline

James Coulombe
Third Grade, Fall Creek

John Brooks
Fourth/Fifth Grade, Enfield

Ashley Paolangeli
Fifth Grade, Belle Sherman

Terri Stoff

Fifth Grade, Northeast

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