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Third Grade Information for the Cornell Botanic Garden

Third grade students visit Cornell Botanic Gardens for a program titled "Wildflower Exploration: Learning about Plants Through our Native Wildflowers". Students’ KDT! experience begins with a classroom visit from a Cornell Botanic Gardens educator. This visit engages the students in hands on experiences that prepare them for their trip.  Students . are assigned a wildflower that they investigate by using their "Peterson First Guide to Wildflowers" book; then, while at the Cornell Botanic Gardens, they have an opportunity to find "their" flower and educate others about it.

Pre-Trip Activity

The Book lesson below is an excellent way to help students prepare for their field experience

at the Botanic Garden.

Post-Trip Lesson

This lesson written by Sharon Nelson, Kim Snow and Raylene Ludgate (Cornell Botanic Gardens) explores the common and Latin names of wildflowers. This fun lesson culminates by making a caricature of a plant name i.e. Blue Bells by drawing blue bells! 



KDT! Book for Third Grade

KDT! provides books to all Pre-K through fifth grade children to encourage literacy and reinforce Kids Discover the Trail! curriculum. To prolong the excitement of the trip, some teachers give the book to the children (when appropriate) on a day other than the day of the field trip.

Some helpful hints...

  • Read the book aloud to the children in class before sending the book home.

  • Have the children write their names in the book

  • Use the lesson plans that are posted below

  • Be sure to inform families about the book in your weekly newsletters. Please alert them to the parent flier that gives ideas about how to use the book at home!

The book for 3rd grade is "The Peterson's Wildflower Guide"


This Wildflower Guide Lesson, written by Monica Lang, shows students how to use a field guide. Students make their own field guides for their school!

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