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Pre-K Information for the Johnson Museum of Art
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Preschool classes have a field experience at  the Johnson Museum of Art, where the focus of the visit is “Learning to Look, Looking to Learn.” Prior to the trips, a museum docent visits classrooms to introduce students to the idea of a museum and what they will see there. Educators engage students in extensive hands on activities to help prepare them for the visit. During the field experience, students move through the museum in small groups, engaging with artwork at specially-designed activity stations. The Johnson Museum of Art provides students with coupons allowing families to visit the museum for free on special family days. 

The content of the tour changes from year to year, based on collaboration between teachers and museum educators. This year's trip information can be found here!

  • Additional information can be found  here or by contacting  Carol Hockett who is the educator at the Johnson Museum of Art.


KDT! Books for Pre-K


KDT! provides books to all Pre-K through fifth grade children to encourage literacy and reinforce Kids Discover the Trail! curriculum. To prolong the excitement of the trip, some teachers give the book to the children (when appropriate) on a day other than the day of the field trip.

Some helpful hints...

  • Read the book aloud to the children in class before sending the book home.

  • Have the children write their names in the book

  • Use the lesson plans posted below 

  • Be sure to inform families about the book in your weekly newsletters. Please alert them to the parent flier that gives ideas about how to use the book at home!

The books for Pre-K  Shapes by Education Department interns Bartels Scholar Sammy Perlmutter and Veronica Franzese.

                                                Pre-K Book Flier for Families and Teachers

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