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Fifth Grade Information for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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Here is information on the traditional trip for your reference.

Fifth grade students visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, where the focus is on learning about habitats, biodiversity, and citizen science. Under the guidance of Lab staff and volunteer docents, teams of students conduct biodiversity surveys and collect data along the trails in four habitats of Sapsucker Woods Preserve. Students also spend time exploring related concepts in the Lab's Visitor Center exhibits. 

Pre-Visit Lessons:


Please see our Pre-Visit Lesson Plans packet for 3 activities that we recommend doing with your class before your visit.



  • Pre-Visit Lesson #2 has students analyze and compare these Habitat Graphs . (These are updated each year to show the data collected by last year’s students. During your visit this year, your students will collect data for next year’s graphs!)


  • Pre-Visit Lesson #3 has students practice using a field guide. It requires the book provided to all 5th graders by KDT: Peterson First Guide to Birds of North America, by Roger Tory Peterson.


​During Your Visit:


  • The Day-of-Trip Itinerary contains our schedule, contact info, and important reminders for your trip!



  • Please make sure all of your students bring their Student Journal booklet! (Copies are given out at the planning meeting, but you may print more if needed.)



KDT! Book for Fifth Grade (Lab of O)

KDT! provides books to all Pre-K through fifth grade children to encourage literacy and reinforce Kids Discover the Trail! curriculum. To prolong the excitement of the trip, some teachers give the book to the children (when appropriate) on a day other than the day of the field trip.

Some helpful hints...

  • Read the book with the children in class before sending the book home.

  • Have the children write their names in the book

  • Use the lesson plans that are posted below

  • Be sure to inform families about the book in your weekly newsletters. Please alert them to the parent flier that gives ideas about how to use the book at home!

The book for 5th grade (Lab of O) is  Peterson First Guide to Birds of North America, by Roger Tory Peterson

In This Bird Guide Lesson written by Miriam Mack, students will learn to identify local birds by using their books, watching videos and listening to bird calls. They will use engaging websites. You will need the Bird Activity Sheets for Lab of O Guide Book to complete this lesson.

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