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Post Trip Ideas

For grade specific follow up ideas please see your grade level information.

Thank You Notes

Many classrooms use traditional thank you notes to show appreciation
for the Discovery Trail site they have visited or to the Discovery Trail itself!  
Writing a thank you letter requires the sender to reflect upon their day and to consider why they are thankful. They may think about what made their day special and what happened to make their day a little more enjoyable.















Voice Thread

For a voice thread example go to Alison Provan's Voice Thread (It will open in a new window.)
For directions on how to use voice thread click here or ask your tech mentor for help!


Blogs are easy to use and a simple way to write for real audiences. This is also a terrific way to communicate with parents.

Here is an example from Pat Gaines visit to the Eight Square School House 








Click here to find family activities for each one of the eight Discovery Trail sites. There is an activity a family can do at home and another activity to try while visiting the site. Here is the URL if you want to put it in your class newsletter or blog!



This Monday our class went to eight square schoolhouse. We did things there like people did in 1892, we even dressed up as children who went to school. Most boys except Amo wore a white button shirt and vest, most girls wore dresses except Cynthia who wore a boy’s costume. When we came there we raised the flag. Then we  did the pledge of allegiance like they did in 1892. Then we came in. The schoolhouse is a lot smaller then a regular school, it’s only one room.

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