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Kindergarten Information for the Tompkins County Public Library

Kindergarten students"Celebrate Stories" when they visit the Tompkins County Public Library! They explore and celebrate the world of books and the joys of their public library! Children learn how to use the library through tours, stories, songs, and a puppet show.  All students leave with a ready-for-activation library card!

Pre-Trip Activities:

Post-Trip Activities:

  • Interested in a creating a book with your students that will actually circulate in the Library? Each child can contribute a page. Take a look at our Local Voices Collection for information on how to submit your book for circulation.

  • We “bake” the giveaway book, Interrupting Chicken during our program. Try baking your own book as a way to teach your students about the different elements that go into writing a book.

 Trip Schedule: click this link!


KDT! Book for Kindergarten


KDT! provides books to all Pre-K through fifth grade children to encourage literacy and reinforce Kids Discover the Trail! curriculum. To prolong the excitement of the trip, some teachers give the book to the children (when appropriate) on a day other than the day of the field trip.

Some helpful hints...

  • Read the book aloud to the children in class before sending the book home.

  • Have the children write their names in the book

  • Use the lesson plans that are posted below each book 

  • Be sure to inform families about the book in your weekly newsletters. Please alert them to the parent flier that gives ideas about how to use the book at home!

Interrupting Chicken is the Library's keepsake book! Below you will find lessons centered around the book to share after your field trip:
Interrupting Chicken lesson plans. ​​





Below you will find other supplementary ideas and library lesson plans to enrich your field trip experience, which can work as both pre and post-trip activities:

The book, The Library Lion is an engaging read! Here are some lesson plans for you!






Lessons to accompany the book, Otto the Book Bear . 

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